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Yeay! Buy 3 and get 30 % off!

30% OFF

Woohoo! I love discounts and coupon codes! If you buy more than 3 printables (or min. 15 EUR purchase) you get 30% off! Use the coupon code “LOVEART” at checkout. I started to put together art bundles which make it super-easy for you to match your artworks and get a coherent look. I will upload bundles frequently.

Take a look at these cute Royalties! They are perfect for any Scandinavian styled baby room! If you are all into monochromes, keep calm. I will list a monochrome bundle too. Keep your eyes open! Enjoy!

multipiece nursery wall decor
My new selection of cute pastel Royalties for your baby room. Click to get to the listing!

I love (and get mega-happy) if you tag me @wallifyer on Instagram with a pic of your newly styled room!


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