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When my life turned upside down

… it actually turned right side up! This is the story about when my life got scattered and then glued together again (stronger than ever though). I used to work in banking and shipping, but nowadays it seem a very long time ago. I was diagnosed with epilepsy while I was home taking care of my second son. I went on having seizures and eventually a serious status epilepticus. My life totally changed when I realized life is too short to spend in a cloudy surrounding. So I changed course. In January I will get my master´s degree in Art History at Uppsala University (if I pass all the courses). Even if I hate epilepsy and everything it stands for, I love what it brought me – a clear view. A year ago I got my epileptic response dog Otto – now my seizures are at bay and controlled. He alerts me and I can take measures in time. I am just like everyone else (except always having Otto with me then!). Without my friends, Otto and my family I would not be where I am now.

Printable encouragement card

This card is made for those who struggles (for whatever reason) – I know how it is. A card and a hug from a friend can make wonders. It can move mountains. Snail mail is king (or queen) according to me. My mission is to bring back love, encouragement and care through the old fashioned snail mail.

This pic is taken the first time I met Otto. He moved in with us 6 months later.



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