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What we think, we become

his Buddha quote speak right to my heart. I felt so powerless reading the news on the internet this morning: warcrimes, terrorism, political instability….  In these times, when the world seem like it is on the brick of pushing the self-destruct button, we need some encouragement. Remember the future is in our hands. It is really scary to take on responsibility, but the future is really in our hands…  We have the power to turn it all around. I think it is true what Buddha said: what we think we finally will become. If we think negative thoughts, we will become negative and loose our power to fight back.

Buddha quote art for calming walls

This Buddah decor is made from one of my watercolor washes I did yesterday. It is fun to do it from scratch! Splash, paint, scan and edit! As always it is made to be easy to print at home. Use a watercolor paper suitable for your ink-jet printer (do not use watercolor paper in laser printers though – it will damage it) for a stunning result. I hope you like it. It is a perfect last-minute gift to a friend or why not yourself? Use it as a daily reminder of where your thoughts are heading. Otto still want me to do some dog quotes… so I will try to make some of those too. Much to do – so little time!




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