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Try printables!

Well as I know it can be a bit nervous buying your first printable (it was for me at least!) I have decided to launch a introductory sale for a limited time. This means you get access to all my designs (not the custom or the print shop) for only 1,50 EUR. The best thing about printables is that it´s affordable and environmentally friendly too. As I send you your artwork digitally no transport is needed. Clean air, a neat home and no waiting! As your prints are budget friendly you can redecorate more often. You can stay modern, chic and seasonal. You are also able to choose your own paper quality, you are in charge. If you have no printer, of course, I can print it for you or you can let your local print shop do it for you.

Click to go to store!

Click here for a short introduction on printables!

Go and get creative! If you have any questions you can always contact me.




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