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Teen room decoration ideas

I remember when I was a teen and really wanted a cool room. I forced my mom to make a fake leopard patterned sofa cover (that was cool in the 1990s haha)! I wanted to redecorate all the time as my taste was thrown from one extreme to another. With this in mind I have started to gather some decoration ideas on Pinterest and making a teen poster line of my own. I want it to be easy and not too expensive to redecorate a dorm. I really love the art shelf ideas that I found and pinned. Art shelves are not expensive, you find affordable ones on IKEA. You can spray paint them if you want a certain color. You can even decoupage them with fun patterns. You can make so much fun with art shelves. Instead of demolish the wallpaper by pinning posters them (literally), you can change posters and items how many times you want on an art shelf. In my board you also find some arrangements I found. Have a look and get inspired!

I designed this poster for teen girls. I have painted the pink background by hand in my studio. I later digitalized it and made the finished design. It was really fun to do! This print is of a Einstein quote, he was a smart guy! You can´t blame gravity for falling in love, that is certainly the truth. Wished I knew that when I was a teen, I always searched for answers in science. Now I know all answers are not always presented in rational ways. Better believe what Einstein is telling you, right?





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