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Hello crafty friend!

I’m Sandra and the founder of Wallifyer Clipart. I’m so thrilled you’re here because that means you love digital crafting, clipart, and digital patterns!

Hello this is me, Sandra at Wallifyer

I’m an illustrator from the Åland Islands in Finland. I create cute doodle style clipart and surface design. On my blog, I share inspiration and tips and tricks for crafters. I love sharing the most inspiring clipart and digital resources I come across. As a Creative Market fan, I love to share ideas on what to create with the “free goods of the week”, and stuff like that.

I started selling digital resources as I love to connect with fellow crafters, not just companies (as illustrators often do). I love drawing doodle elements and I love everything cute. I strive to make it easy and fun to create stunning designs without the need of being a tech-pro. You can read more about me and my doodling in my About Section!

This blog is for digital crafters!

This blog is perfect for crafters, like you, who love hand-drawn clipart, digital patterns, inspiration and connect with new friends.

As the blog isn’t an editing tutorial blog, you should master basic digital crafting maneuvers to benefit the most from the blog. You should know things like how to:

  • Open a document in your editor
  • Adding a pattern (or pattern layer)
  • Adding a clipart or graphic
  • Basic knowledge about using layers (it makes things easier)
  • Saving your design to your computer
  • Print your designs

We all need and love different editing programs and it’s impossible to cover all these programs in my posts. It would not be fun and inspiring to read. If you need assistance, pop a message in the comments below the post, get in contact with me here, or ask friends in the Wallifyer Tribe Facebook forum.

If you have just started your digital crafting adventure you find lots of wonderful classes on Skillshare, like Fundamentals of Photoshop with Meg Luis. With this affiliate link, you get 2 free months of Premium (I get a bonus for referring you as I am a subscriber to Skillshare too). With this class, you master the fundamentals in no time! Join here: Try 2 months of Skillshare Premium now!

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