I try my hardest to keep the licenses as clear and transparent as possible. As a designer, I know how burry and hard it can be reading licenses. Contact me if you are uncertain of which license suit your production or usage. You find a contact form at the bottom of the page.


The use of the files is strictly for personal use. The images and content are non-transferable. Sharing of graphics is strictly prohibited. Images/templates may NOT be resold in digital form, or as part of a digital kit. Personal usage means there is no potential monetary gain of any kind.


You can use your image for an unlimited number of copies for personal projects (with no monetary gain).

Not allowed:

The images cannot be associated or related to any business or organization.


You are free to use my graphics in your business production if it does not exceed 500 end-products and you give me credentials. The credential must be placed on the same page as the product that you are selling or displaying.

How to display the credential: Graphics by: Wallifyer


To use the graphics in your business if the number of end-products is less than 500 pcs. You also have to give Wallifyer credentials on the page you are displaying or selling your product. You can use a single object or graphic alone.

Not allowed:

Using the graphics or patterns in massproduction (over 500 end-products). Not giving Wallifyer credentials without a “COMMERCIAL USE “NO CREDIT REQUIRED” add-on. Claiming copyright of the graphics.

(Soon available)

Please note: The images and content are non-transferable. Sharing, swapping and copying files is strictly prohibited. Pictures/templates may NOT be resold in digital form, or as part of a digital kit. The same goes for giving it away as freebies as is. Wallifyer retains copyright


Send me a convo if you have any questions!