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Make life easy with a scene creator

Use scene creators to make more sales in your online shop by Wallifyer Blog

What you gain: Scene creators will bring you more sales

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Be time-efficient by using scene creators

Running an online shop is time-consuming. Never-ending tasks, always too much to do… If you run several ventures (like me), you easily get drowned and stress-out if you don’t plan and prioritize. To endure, and have fun, you need to be aware of how you spend your time and be as efficient as possible.

One thing that makes my business life productive are using scene creators for displaying my listings and products. When I first started selling online I often used static mock-ups. You can read more about mock-ups here. When I switched to scene creators more options were available for me than before. A scene creator allows you to customize your mock-up with items, backgrounds, frames, and styles.

Use scene creators to save time and make a stong visual brand by Wallifyer blog


What is a scene creator?

A scene creator is a mock-up tool where you can arrange your scene to fit your needs. You can drag and drop items to make it look like you want it. You get, so to speak, hundreds of mock-ups in one set are not restrained to the static mockups. Often scene creator sets come with ready-made scenes, premade stages, frames, stationery, decor items, and backgrounds. Scene creators are downloadable editable files, but there are also apps and online services offering these kinds of tools. One is, which I wrote about in an earlier blog post (read more here).

With a scene creator, it’s easy to build your visual brand as you don´t bore your customers to death by showing the same mock-ups over and over again. It looks like you did the photos yourself, and the pics are exciting and cohesive. Of course, there are differences in quality and range of items available from set to set. Be sure to buy a set that correlates with your brand and has elements that suit your target market.

Here are examples of how you can arrange the same scene to look differently! I use these images in the visual branding of my new Etsy shop Otto and Pixels. These pics are just a few examples from a top-view arrangement I have used for my Instagram account. I have used the same frame and background but altered or moved the decorative items.


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My favorite scene creators!

Which are my favorites then? Well, I used several scene creators, but these two are my favs:

Simple Homes Mockup Creator by Mockup Cloud

With Simple Homes Mockup creator, you create premium quality images to showcase your art print presentations by dragging and dropping items in Photoshop. The scene creator is stunning in quality, and the range of elements and scenes makes it super-versatile. I have used the creator in my baby art print shop as well as my clipart storefront. The examples above are from this scene creator set.

The creator set includes 600+ items, 60 ready-made PSD scenes, and 20 background textures. It is all you need to create beautiful presentations within minutes. Some of the objects can change their color and texture.

Powered by Creative Market

KIDS interior creator by Yuri-U

KIDS interior creator is made in a Scandinavian style and includes many items and toys. You can move objects in the scene, creating your own dream nursery setting. The shadows in this product are very realistic. This scene creator is very easy to use and will save you lots of time. I use this creator in my branding for my Otto and Pixels shop as well as for showcasing my pattern designs in my Creative Market shop in addition to the static mockups from KIDS Fabric Mockup Pack – 1, also made by Yuri-U.

Powered by Creative Market


Powered by Creative Market



Where do you find a scene creator that fits your brand and needs?

As always when it comes to me, I go searching Creative Market. I think Creative Market has high-quality products from professionals. The creators I have ended up using are all in the higher price range. But remember, you get unlimited scenes and mock-ups from a set. They are worth their price, I promise!

Be sure you buy the set you want, do not be tempted to buy a cheaper one to save a dollar or two. Remember, you will use the scene creator in your visual branding over and over again. Be sure to check the license before purchasing. If you are not sure what the license includes, ask the designer!

Happy (and non-stressful) creating friends! Please feel free to share your favorite scene creators below!


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