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Happy “Lilla Jul”

Today is a special day in Finland. It is the celebration of “Lilla Jul”. Lilla Jul is a cozy mini-version of Christmas Eve. Of course, we are going to celebrate the Scandinavian Christmas tradition on the blog too! Santa all left you a little treat!

Lilla Jul

“Lilla Jul” is the grand opening of the Christmas season in the Swedish speaking parts of Finland and Åland, where I live. The Scandinavian Christmas traditions are all about coziness and being together with family and friends. The kids are hyped and the parents are flatlining 😀 Now the game is on! It is common to have a small Christmas tree where the kids find a little gift or two. Remember, everything is mini-versions of the full-blown Christmas eve! Translated “Lilla Jul” means “Little Christmas”. Yeah, you get it! The kids are freaking out of joy! They have the chance to blow off some Xmas steam and makes the wait until the 24th of December a bit easier (or maybe that is something I desperately try to convince myself).

Scandinavian Christmas inspiration and crafting blog by Wallifyer

This is a day when families visit Christmas markets and eat Christmas food like gingerbread cookies or the traditional “Julbord“. “Julbord” is a Christmas version of the Scandinavian “smorgasbord”. Drinking “glögg” is also a must. Glögg is like German GlĂŒhwein or mulled wine, and can be served with or without alcohol. Glögg is made of hot juice or red wine and spiced with cinnamon, ginger, clove, raisins, and almonds. Lilla Jul is not an official Finnish holiday, but it is truly treated like it was. The Scandinavian Christmas traditions are festive and bring light and positivity. You know we hardly see the sun here in winter time. The sun just peeps over the horizon and goes to sleep almost immediately.

Lilla Jul celebration in Scandinavia by Wallifyer

Getting ready for a Scandinavian Christmas

Lilla Jul is the start of the preparations for the Scandinavian Christmas season. It is popular to make crafts and have a cozy and crafty time with family and friends. During the day my family will get the house ready for Christmas. We will decorate the house and put lights on the tree in our garden. Tonight I will sit down with my husband having some glögg and just relax. Yes, tonight… we will have our hands full chasing our wild kids all day as they probably are sugared-up by all Christmas candy!

On my Pinterest, I have a board that will get you in the Xmas mood! Get inspired by the Nordic way of celebrating Christmas. Be sure to follow my Pinterest for inspiration and tips.

DIY Christmas stuff with clipart and printables

A big thing here in Scandinavia is getting together to craft decorations and gifts. I love DIY things and of course, I have a board for this too! My printable art and clipart sets are perfect for creating your own unique Christmas decor. Why not create cute Christmas cards or gift tags? We all love receiving gifts and made from the heart and not just picked from a supermarket shelf. Right!? I fell in love with digicrafting years ago and now it is my relaxation and joy. In my shop, I share my designs with you. After a busy day, I love crafting on my computer as I listen to my favorite music. Nothing beats that, not even knitting! 🙂 Now it is time for you to get into the Christmas mood and start crafting too! Take a look at my wonderful Scandinavian Christmas collection 2017!

“Lilla Jul” freebie perfect for Lilla Jul and Christmas

Well, as you understand by now Lilla Jul is a special day here in Åland. Let us celebrate together! I made you a cute printable art print with a fox illustration from my Scandi Xmas clipart bundle vol. 1.  If you like the illustration and want to have a relaxing time with crafting, you find more like this clipart in my new Scandinavian Christmas graphic sets. Just download the set and start your crafting! If you want to read more about my sets you find a blog post here.

Fire up your printer and download your own “Lilla Jul” print! The fox art print is a perfect last-minute gift or Xmas decor. If you already are a VIP member you go to the VIP Lounge and download your free download art print there. If you are not a member yet, you just click on the picture and join my crafting DIY Scandi loving tribe!

free download Scandinavian Christmas download art print by Wallifyer
Click to get your own Lilla Jul printable art download!



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