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This week revenge has entered our store! Revenge is a complex emotion surrounded by taboos and negativity. I don´t think revenge always need to be a bad feeling (no feeling is ever wrong). If your revenge is by hurting others, then it is not OK. But if you use the feeling of revenge as a motivator I don´t see any harm in it. I have been motivated by revenge myself many times. Revenge pushed me forward in times when all I wanted was to crawl back into bed and hide.

My new printable greeting card is packed with motivation!

When I was diagnosed with epilepsy I was thought of, by many, as someone who did not have capability anymore. I was strange, defect and disabled. I knew this was just rubbish, I just had to change the way I worked and lived. The feeling of revenge took me through my art history studies and made me able to start working as an illustrator and artist. My closest circle of friends and family supported me and gave me strength to push trough and look forward. Now I am stronger and more capable than ever. I learned to take care of myself, learned when I have slow down, prioritize my time and most of all don´t care what others think about me. That is massive success to me.

Frank Sinatra once said: “The best revenge is massive success”. He knew what he was talking about, Ol´Blue Eyes!

What do you think about revenge? Has it ever motivated you? Let me know! I love stories, tell me yours!







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