• Girly border clip art
  • Cute border designs drawn by hand
  • Printable clipart frames and sentiments
  • Hand drawn border design
  • Digital borders and frames

Whimsical border clip art


Swirly clipart frames sweet as daydreams

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Close your eyes and away

Beautiful border clip art sweeter than daydreams

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  • Enjoy the luxurious feeling of hand-drawn clipart
  • Take your designs to the next level with swirly vintage clipart frames
  • Small-batch clipart images to keep your designs unique

With these clipart borders and frames, you’re set to create designs sweeter than daydreams and cupcakes. The hand-drawn clipart borders are perfect for romantic wedding invitations, branding elements, and quote art. 

The swirly clipart images are easy to work with – just add a pattern or a solid color background – and you are set to go. The frames are filled with a white color, which makes the design process easy. You’ll return time after time to these adorable clipart frames.

Included in your hand-drawn clipart pack

  • 8 premium hand-drawn clipart frames (PNG + JPEG)
  • 1 printable page (A4 and 8×11 in) JPEG
  • The clipart images are 2000 px (app 6 in)
  • Color mode: RGB
  • Resolution: 300 dpi (high resolution)
  • Instant download
  • 5,41 MB zipped file
  • Personal license included
  • Add your commercial license by ticking the checkbox above or click here
  • Premium hand-drawn clipart by Sandra Törnroth

No mockups, fonts, decorations, or previews are included in the purchase. The product previews are for inspiration purposes only. 

Please read the terms and license before purchasing your clipart images.

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