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My cuties are listed!

Finally I listed my cute polar bear Christmas card set with matching gift tags! I hope you like them! I made them easy to print at home as they are mounted on US Letter and A4 size templates. You do not have to worry about fitting the cards prior to printing. Let me take care of all that fuss. The illustration is made by hand and then processed in Adobe CC. It is hard to believe that December soon is here. Time flies when you are having fun, right? Be prepared and start making your cards in time. Is is really so much fun to get a snail mail than just a convo on Facebook or in the mail.


Printable tag to go with the card!


At the moment I am working on some custom card templates. I think it is fun to personalize cards (and I need the distraction as I am challenged with hoards of reading and writing). I will make baby-, birthday-, occasions- and condolence cards that you easy can make “your own” by changing the text and lay-out.

Otto is doing a great first week in the shop! He helped me choose colors on a custom design I made last week. He is a natural talent, Otto. I must be the most boring boss ever. I just sit by my computer nowadays. He stares at me right now! 😀  I hope my English is improving as well, writing a blog is a very great way of learning.



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