Licenses Made

We know licenses can be confusing and sometimes hard to understand. We really try to make things as easy as possible for you. If you have any questions, please contact us.  We are here to help!

Personal use

You can create an unlimited amount of projects and designs for personal use. You are allowed to give your creations as gifts to friends and loved ones. You are not allowed to share the files “as is” though.

Basic Commercial License

You must purchase a commercial license if you intend to use the clipart commercially. This license does not grant any copyrights and is not transferable.

Add a license to your order by checking the add-on box in the listing OR buy the separate license listing. 

The basic commercial license is intended for small business use only. You are allowed to sell up to 5,000 end-products. 

A commercial license is valid for one product from the shop. If you use several packs, please make sure you buy commercial licenses for all of them.

You can:

  • Create your own unique designs
  • Sell up to 5,000 end-products in your small business
  • You don’t need to credit Wallifyer
  • Sell our designs for personal use purpose

You can’t:

  • Use the products or patterns “as-is.” You need to add your artistic twist to the end-product.
  • Redistribute or sell the clipart images “as is,” for free, as a new file type or with just minor changes.
  • Embed the clipart images in a way that makes it possible to extract them. 
  • Claim the clipart images as your work
  • Use our content in an unlawful manner
Commercial use clipart images

Extended Commercial License

You are allowed to sell up to 10,000 end-products in your shop. 

The same terms of use apply as to the Basic Commercial License (read the terms above). 

Commercial use clipart

Wholesale Commercial License

You are allowed to sell up more than 10,000 end-products in your shop. 

Please contact us for a Wholesale license quote here

Charity License

We are firm believers that we all have the power to change the world. You are allowed and encouraged to use our clipart and patterns for good causes. You don’t need to buy a commercial license.  All revenue from the use of the clipart or patterns must be donated to the charity project Remember you need to follow the commercial license do’s and dont’s.

Contact us prior using the graphics as a part of your fundraising to receive a charity license. We love to support your project.