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It will be fine!

Sometimes we all need some positive affirmations. Life is not as sugar coated as people try to make it look like. I believe it is better to tell the truth than to build that perfect facade. We all are humans, not robots (at least not yet). I made this wall art poster and greeting card to celebrate our need of encouragement, friendship and support. Last week I had a rough week. I had a lot, yes ALOT, of disappointments. My best friend sent me a short message and just stated: “You can not succeed all the time. And it is fine.” (or in Swedish “Det går inte att lyckas alla gånger!”). It was the truth – it was friendship. And it helped me to recognize I was too hard on myself. So I dropped it and made this design instead. Now you can be that friend to yourself or someone else.


Yes, it will be just fine. This is the perfect feel good wall quote


To round up this short chatty story, I can tell everything did turn out fine in the end! The goal I was aiming at was not for me. I just thought it was at the time. Now I am happy it turned out the way it did. This week is in fact a super-week. I won a SEO masterclass I really really wanted to join. I just had not the funds to participate as I am a student at the moment. I will return and tell you what I thought of the class. If you want to know more about the class, check here: SEO Web Design

I made a HUGE progress on my thesis as well. So yes, it will be fine!

Please tell me about your views on life? Do you also think people are sinking each other with their fake facades and phony smiles?






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