How-to guide

Printables are easy! You get your poster in minutes and they are affordable too. You can purchase from all over the world and still no shipping time! If you run into any questions or problems, contact me.

You find me here: Facebook, Etsy convo or e-mail. Bare in mind the time difference, I live in Europe.

Remember, I can print your posters for you. Just go to my print shop and add a link to your posters and I will send them to you. I ship internationally.

  1. Go to my shop in the menu bar or click the shop icon.
  2. Select your artworks.
  3. Pay with desired method. You have several options available.
  4. You will get a email from Etsy telling you your poster is ready to download.
  5. Follow the instructions given by Etsy (it´s easy, no need to worry)
  6. Download to your computer.
  7. Print and frame.

Zip-files (the ones with a zipper on)


Some files are delivered in zip-files. I use zipped files to compress your files so they download faster. You just double click the ZIP file and it will open. In most cases, including Windows and Mac OS, ZIP files there is no need for any extra software. If you cant open ZIP-files you can download free ZIP software here: ZOBZIP


Some of my art files comes in PDF-format. Most of the PDF:s are not editable, this means you cant open them in editing software such as Photoshop or  Gimp etc. You need to open them in Adobe Reader or other PDF-software. It´s very easy, you just open the file and select “print”. You find free PDF-software here: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC


Most of my files are in JPEG or PNG format. Open your file in an image viewer – in most computers, you can simply double click a JPEG to open it. The press CTRL+P to print it (Command P on Macs). PNG:s work the same. I made PNG:s to make transparent backgrounds on some designs, that makes great files to use when printing on interior details as mugs, textile and such. JPEG will leave a white background when printing, PNG will have a clear background.

Select PNG if you want to print on items other than white paper.

Some tips on printing

Your computer screen will present colors slightly different from a printed copy. That is due to screen and printer settings. If you have a JPEG or PNG you can alter the colors in your editing software if you want to. Often this is not necessary, but you can do this if you want to.

  1. Make sure your printer is set on “high quality” or “photo mode”
  2. Always check the box “preview” – check that everything looks neat
  3. Print
  4. Crop if you want to
  5. Frame

Always go to the printer settings before printing. Select photo or high quality mode. You can scale the image in the settings if you want to. If you don´t want to scale, select “true size”. Make sure your paper size is the same as your selected file (or that it fits), otherwise your poster will be cropped. To be sure everything is nice and sleek, select the “preview” box. If everything looks nice, press print!

I use watercolor, card stock, heavy weight or photo paper when I print with my ink-jet printer. Be sure to check that the paper you select fits your printer.