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The big hooray clipart bundle and freebie birthday card for busy moms

I am so excited to share my new clipart bundle with you! I worked really hard to create a super cute and versatile set. This is the perfect clipart set for creating birthday cards, digital scrapbooking, nursery prints and much more! You get a free printable birthday card as well!

Hand-drawn illustrations perfect for creating birthday cards and gifts

The woodland animals graphic images are made from hand-drawn illustrations of mine. I usually draw my illustrations and doodles in ink on paper. When my drawings are done I scan them and digitalize them. I use Adobe Illustrator to edit my designs. The process is quite time-consuming, but I love every step of it. I love creating my clipart from drawings as I think I they get that artistic and vivid look. I try not to edit them too much. The “perfect” and “flat” lines of vector drawings is not my thing. Yeah, that is me. I think it is the artist in me. I will tell you more about my artist life later on!

Digiscrapping frames and DIY projects

I love using doodle frames in my scrapbook designs, so of course, I added two frames! The cute woodland animals are perfect for nursery prints and DIY stuff. If you join my Pinterest you get inspirations as I have a board dedicated to crafting with clipart designs. I have noticed that many think you only can use your clipart on digital designs, but that is not true! 🙂 Why not try to transfer your design or your clipart onto fabric? You can create endless DIY:s with clipart. I will start posting some fun DIY ideas soon.

inspirational scrapbook frame by Wallifyer

Scandinavian woodland style and traditions

Woodland animals are for me a must in Scandinavian design for kids. In Finland, where I live, nature is close to our traditions and cultural heritage. You find the nature motifs in our daily lives, from architecture to product packaging. In traditional kids books, the story often takes place in the woods. The power of the wilderness is often the keynote.

Foxes, bears, elks, and owls are personalized by different personalities. The foxes are smart, quick and often the “bad guy” that tricks you and lures you into traps. Bears are frightening but can also be helpful and caring. Elks are magical and “the king of the woods”. The owls are wise and often helpful. The hare is often represented as the fast runner that hides and lures the fox. Then you have mouses, rats, hedgehogs, and birds and other animals occurring in the stories. I love the birds, they are often the ones that guide and show the way to safety. In the stories, kids are often lost in the woods and meet these magical humanized animals.

The Sami people and John Bauer

In the famous fairytales and illustrations of, for example, John Bauer you also meet trolls, giants, and other magical creatures. The trolls are dressed in clothes inspired by the Swedish native Sami people´s clothing. I think I will have to get back to you on this topic! Well, in my clipart and graphic designs you find the magical animals from the world of the Scandinavian culture. I hope my designs will bring you joy and inspiration when you know more about their background. But, as I said, I will have to get back to you on this very interesting topic. As an art historian, I am very fascinated by the Scandinavian traditional illustrations and sagas. Here is one of my favorite illustrations of Bauer, Trolls and Tuvstarr (1915)

The magical world of John Bauer

As you notice the original Scandinavian art and illustrations were not at all as minimalist they tend to be today. It is fun to follow how a tradition evolves over time. My style is far from Bauer´s but still have the same essence, the magic of the woods. Take a look at my woodland theme birthday set! You will find the fox, the bear, and the hare. Now you are ready to create your own Scandinavian style designs! Let the magical Nordic woodlands inspire you and bring you a fun and relaxing time at the computer or your craft´s table (or even room if you are one of those lucky people!). With my new birthday clipart bundle, you get a piece of that Scandinavian fairytale story with a modern touch.


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