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Get ready for Halloween!

Horray, it is time for Halloween art downloads and a new freebie! I created a fun Scandinavian style collection of printables and products for Halloween this year!



I made my collection entirely in black, white and pink as I was getting tired of all the “classic” Halloween color schemes. I was not sure at first if the collection would turn out all “un-Halloweenish”, but I think it turned out great. I love trying new things in my art and constantly challenge myself to expand my¬†boundaries. In this collection, I focused on fun illustrations and calligraphy. My aim was to create a modern, feminine and polished look. I love things being tidy you know! ūüôā

During the process of designing¬†my Halloween art downloads, I created an inspirational mood board on my Pinterest. Take a look at the board and get your inspiration going! My Halloween collection is tailor-made for Nordic-style homes and interiors.¬† The majority of the mainstream Halloween decor is designed with a “more-is-more” mindset. My collection is truly opposite to that. My printables are a perfect solution for minimalists, as you can reuse the designs over and over again. I tried hard to make the designs suitable for use all year round. I think I managed, what do you think? It is very important for me to create designs that is not only going to be used for a week or two. There are so many things you can do with your Halloween art file. Why not make iron-on sheets, greeting cards or print-on-demand products?



Halloween art downloads for playrooms and family spaces

I love creating Halloween decor that suit playrooms and family spaces. I do not want to decorate my home with splatter-scary stuff. As I said before, it is important for me to keep a simple and tidy feel to my interiors. I think there are too many horrifying things going on in the world as it is right now. I want to make it easy for you to create a friendly, playful and laidback atmosphere. I want the smaller children to feel included and a part of the celebration. I got a flyer from our local toy store and my kids aged 5 and 7 where horrified by the graphic pictures and scary zombies. I want my shop and my art to be an alternative to that kind of kid¬īs decorations.

I created the Halloween art downloads from pen and ink illustrations and sketches. I scanned and edited them in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I try to allow my designs to have that artistic feel to them and alter them only if I really need to. You can say I just polish them a little. If you look close you can often see my pen strokes in the art prints.

Inspirational Halloween pictures for Scandinavian style Halloween by Wallifyer

Teen rooms and dorms

Well, as my Halloween art downloads this year are focused on younger children, take¬†a look at this adorable shop if you are in search for art for teens and dorms. I love InogitnaDesign¬īs edgy, humorous, and cool style.¬†InogitnaDesign is one of my favorite¬†Etsy shops! Be sure to follow her! This design is my fav from her Halloween collection. I was so happy to see her designing monochromes.

InoginaDesign teen and dorm art download
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Tips on how to print the art files at home

The files are in high-resolution and easy to print at home. Make sure you got a thicker paper that suits your printer. I often print on watercolor paper or cardstock myself. Open the file and print it with “true size” and “high quality”¬†settings activated. Voil√° it is that easy! It is also fun using iron-on sheets to create personalized clothing. You find iron-on sheets suited for printers in most craft shops. Print the art file on the sheet and transfer it to your chosen apparel. This is a perfect way of making gifts when you are in a hurry. Be sure to stack some iron-on sheets at home. You just need to buy a basic garment on your way home from work. You can also visit my Zazzle, Society6 or RedBubble shops and order my cute (and fun) products. In the Zazzle shop, you can alter the design by add text, change colors and such. Be sure to check it out. I will add designs on a regular basis. My focus in the Zazzle shop is maternity and baby clothing.

Freebie for my VIP Club Members

To celebrate Halloween, I made a freebie for my VIP members. If you are not a member yet, sign up for my newsletters and membership here.

freebie Halloween art for kids with an adorable bat illustration by Wallifyer
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What do you think of my collection? I love to get some feedback!

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