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Digital scrapbooking

freebie clipart design and sneak peek on the new the big horray clipart bundle by Wallifyer

I am sure you already noticed it but I started to add digital scrapbook supplies and graphic design products in my shop. I also made you a clipart freebie! I think it is a natural step to start creating clipart. I have been making them for years, but just for my own use. It feels wonderful sharing them with you. Drawing my doodles and illustrations are meditative and bring me great joy. I love to doodle, plan and digitalize the elements. This is a new way for me to relax and unwind.

I hope you will find my clipart sets fun and creative. I strive to make them as versatile as possible. I want you to be able to use them over and over again. My goal is to make it easy for you to create a cohesive brand look or a personal touch to your scrapbooking. The colors and themes will vary, but the kits will still have the same style. You will be able to collect the sets and be sure they look great together. I will soon add seamless pattern kits as well. I divided the sets between personal and commercial use. This makes it super-easy for you to find the set that suits your need best.

Two Christmas themed clipart kits

I have made two Scandinavian Christmas themed clipart bundles. The crayon style makes them artistic and fun. The first theme has traditional colors with a red, green and white scheme. The second has a bolder Scandi statement style with purple, gray, black and white colors. The kits include patterns as well as elements and premade designs. The elements in the kits vary slightly too. I am sure you will find your personal favorite. Scandinavian Christmas decor is all about less is more. Take a look at my Christmas collection and get your inspiration flowing. Some of my designs are made from elements from the sets. I personally love my whimsical bird instant print!

A instant download illustration of a bird dressed as Santa
Super-cute bird wall art printable made from the Christmas clipart set.

Super-easy and fair licenses

As I know licenses can be difficult and hard to understand. I tried to make mine as easy and straightforward as possible. If you buy your sets to create personal designs not intended for being sold you buy a personal use kit. For those who sell their crafts and designs, you need to buy a commercial use kit. My standard commercial license allows you to create up to 500 end-products. You need to give me credentials in your product description in your shop.

I offer an add-on for those that do not want to show credentials (I know how it is, indeed I know). It is just 5 EUR per listing and named “No credit add-on” and is valid for one product. If you list more and do not want to give me credentials you just buy a new for every product.

I made a super-easy license for businesses with no limits on end-products and no credit requirements at all – the extended license. The license is something you buy once, and then you are ready to go. The license is valid for all existing and future sets. No more worry about the licenses and keeping count of the number of sold products. You can concentrate on designing and having fun.

If you want to read more about my licenses, just click here.

creativity and relaxation making clipart sets

Made for minimalist and Scandinavian style graphic design and scrapbooking

My designs are made for minimalist designs and Scandinavian style art, graphic design and scrapbooking. With that said I want to emphasize that it is ok to just use a single element on a white background in your designs. In the past, I had a hard time finding graphics kits where using a separate clipart has been allowed. The Scandi, and more so, the minimalist style needs this kind of simplified motifs. I have been a little offended by designers and digital scrapbooking shops selling kits that told me (like a broken record): “You need to alter it and combine it with other elements to show your skill”… No, it is not about skill, it is about the style. Yeah, you get me. So my clipart is all about being able to use the graphics for Nordic and minimalist art and scrapbooking.

Sneak peek “The Big Hooray clipart bundle vol. 1”

Well, even if I have loads to do right now I suddenly woke up with a new digital graphics kit in my lap. As I said before, this is my new “knitting”. I just find it so relaxing to design after the kids go to sleep. I just can´t stop making new kits and clip art. My next graphics kit is a birthday theme named “The Big Hooray clipart bundle”. I will make two kits, one in pink and one in blue. My cute Royalties are inviting you to their birthday party. I have drawn cakes, cupcakes, flowers, woodland animals, and numbers. This kit is perfect for making birthday cards and kids art prints. I sincerely hope you will love it. In addition to this package, I think I will add a digital pattern set. We have to see. 😀


Birthday clipart kit perfect for making birthday cards and digiscrapping


Freebie clipart!

I love freebies, so of course, I made you one! This clipart is perfect for minimalist designs. If you like it and want more, you can quickly add it to my clip art kits in my shop. I hope you have fun designing beautiful and cute stuff with it. I made the clipart from elements from the future “Big Horray Clipart bundle”. I made a cute greeting card from the freebie clipart. I think it turned out really cute. Maybe you have a princess or prince that are in need of a woodland fox design? Why not start designing a little gift right away? Add a name or a text and voil’a you have a wonderful personalized gift!

freebie clipart woodland fox with crown in a Scandinavian style by Wallifyer
Click and go to my freebies to download my fox clipart design!




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