Creativity as relaxation – digital scrapbooking and crafting as self-care

At Wallifyer webshop you find cute digital scrapbooking supplies, creativity and lots of inspiring clipart sets for you and your DIY projects. On my blog, you can read posts about Scandinavian living and lifestyle, DIY, self-care and my minimalist lifestyle. After years of too much stress, I found balance through creativity – I want to share my experiences with you and help you find a way to relax (in the comfort of your own home). I never thought the remedy was just in front of me, my own computer!

Everybody need clarity, calmness, and love to balance the modern hectic life. I found digital crafting as my number one solution for letting all worries go away for awhile. It gives me the opportunity to recharge my batteries and I am sure it will help you too. In my shop, you find versatile and super-DIY friendly clipart bundles that make the creative process easy. Just sit down, sip your coffee and start creating fun and beautiful graphics for your blog or social, art prints, greeting cards, digital scrapping or use them in physical crafting as on candles, scrapbooking (the list is never-ending). I have already taken care of all the fuss and mess – you only have to eat the frosting on the cake.

The place for precious me-time

This is the perfect place for you to indulge in DIY supplies for your precious me-time. In my shop, you find ready-made printable decor and cards if you are in a hurry (yes, family life is all about coping with constant hurry). In my art, I mix monochrome art and soft pastels which complement your Scandinavian home décor and promotes a calm and relaxed atmosphere. I created my art downloads from original ink drawings, which guarantees you unique and exclusive art.

Cute Royalties and edgy minimalist design

In my shop, you will meet my cute Royalties and their inspirational quotes. My Royalties have followed me all my life. In my schoolbook margins, in my notes, on a wall or two (yes hahaha), in letters… yes everywhere. My Royalties love their shining crowns and jewelry. They even forced me to put their beloved crown jewel as the shop´s logo! Besides my sweet Royalties,  you will also find edgy minimalist line drawings and illustrations. Everything in life is not always sugar sweet; even my Royalties know that! My minimalist art is created to be inspiring and fun and suit kids and adults alike.


Freebies are fun

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Printable Nordic style illustration art by Wallifyer

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