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Kyle T. Webster’s digital brushes

Wallifyer and Webster brushes-min

What you gain: New digital brushes for your digital drawings (for Adobe CC)

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Estimated time to read: 5 minutes

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Digital brushes for digital drawing

I love using digital brushes when creating digital goods. As a result, I now create more digital art than pen and paper drawings nowadays. The brushes are the heartbeat in my digital drawings, and they give my designs life and spontaneity. I admit it took me some years and some guts to start drawing with the help of digital brushes. My artist friends pushed me to try creating my designs with digital media. It was a bumpy start, but when I gained some confidence, I was hooked. I am not a fan of drawing in Adobe Illustrator, as I find it too far away from original pen and paper techniques. In Photoshop I draw like I do on paper, which is meditative and fun.

When you take your first steps in the land of digital drawing you do not need fancy brushes, blenders or expensive add-ons or actions (and maybe you never need those depending on your desired style). I am going to share a little “secret” which will save you unnecessary purchases… You don’t need to break the bank buying digital tools. I am going to be that pushy artist friend of yours! Just try, I am sure you will enjoy it! And if you have an active Adobe CC subscription, it is all free!


Digital brushes by Kyle T Webster's digital brushes and tools by Wallifyer-min



You find everything you need in Adobe CC

Yes, it is true! It is all there! No, not in the standard presets (even if you come a long way with just those brushes and tools). I am talking about the brushes you can download from Adobe CC homepage. You can access over 1,000 brushes created by Kyle T. Webster, and they are all free. Most brushes in the sets are also compatible with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Sketch on the iPad. Yay! There is a set of brushes for almost every style and technique. The brushes are pressure and (some even) tilt sensitive. Mixer brushes are so fun to work with, don´t miss them! You also find fx brushes, which creates fantastic painting effects. I am sure you see something you love. The brushes come in sets, and that is great for keeping your focus. It is easy to get carried away by the endless options.

Click here to download your own sets (free)! Kyle T. Webster’s brush sets 

Here you find a tutorial by Adobe that sheds some light on how to use brushes if you are starting out: Tutorial



Christmas friends collection by Wallifyer 1-min



My favorite digital brushes

I love the Megapack and Watercolor set, which includes everything I need for most of my illustration works. My illustrations are often drawn with ink and colored with watercolor or pastel brushes. I Iove adding splashes and glitter effects. My Christmas clipart collection was all drawn with Webster’s brushes. They work wonderfully with my Wacom and stylus.

Use the digital brushes as you use common artist tools. When drawing with watercolor, use your stylus as you would use a brush. The same way goes with pens and other media. It takes time and some practice to get familiar with drawing the digital way, but hey it is incredible when you get the hang of it. By using digital brushes, you will be able to create fantastic clipart, illustrations, and graphics with ease. The best of all, you will never run out of colors, materials or papers! As a minimalist, this is the perfect way of creating art! Affordable, clutterless and no-waste!

What do you think of Webster’s brushes? Do you use them, or do you use other sets of tools?


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