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Never worry about branding again

Creative Business Branding the easy way by Wallifyer Blog

What you gain: Creative business branding the easy way

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It can be a challenging experience to design a creative business branding kit. It takes hours designing templates for all your social media channels. Not to mention all the variations you need to make. Tell me, I know! With my first business, I made all templates myself. An effort I could have spent on creating products or promoting my business. Now I know better! There are several ways you can make this process (much) easier and at a low cost!


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The importance of a cohesive branding strategy

A cohesive visual branding strategy is very important and is something you need to focus on as a creative business owner. Your creative business relies on visual content. You have to make sure you are attracting your target market with your visual branding and brand voice. I take classes on Skillshare to learn new tactics and strategies. I will try to implement what I learned in my new Etsy shop Otto and Pixels design. Otto and Pixels are very niched towards expecting moms in love with Scandinavian style baby decor. I hope you follow my shop and cheer me on!


Learn the basics of creative business branding on Skillshare

I recommend Faye Brown’s classes on how to brand a small creative business. She guides you through the process by helping you find your target market, design your logo and how to launch your brand. Join in and take a look how I developed my branding for Otto and Pixels in the class projects! It was a really fun and eye-opening class with lots of examples useful for Etsy shop owners.

Part 1: Branding Your Creative Business: Define Your Brand

Part 2: Branding Your Creative Business: Designing Your Logo

Part 3: Branding Your Creative Business: Launching Your Brand



Branding your business with Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an app that helps you with your creative business branding. The Adobe Spark app generates templates for your business in minutes and is super-easy to use. Add your logo, desired font, brand colors and in minutes a set of ready-to-use templates are available for you in your gallery. Adobe Spark includes social media templates and a stylish video creator. On top of that, you get access to a feature called Stories. With Stories, you create a “webpage” to tell a story or present a product or event. Spark calls the different features Post, Page, and Video. The app is also available on Apple mobile devices.

Take a look at Adobe Spark here.


How I use Adobe Spark in branding my new shop

I use Adobe Spark video and “Pages” in my branding for my new Etsy shop Otto and Pixels. You are able to embed videos on your webpage, no need to have a Youtube account or other video editing app. You are able to tell a story and make a strong visual content. With the buttons, you can refer traffic to your shop or blog.

The downsides with Adobe Spark is the limited fonts available. You can’t use all fonts available in Adobe Typekit

This is a presentation of Otto and Pixels made with a video template available in Adobe Spark. You can also add voice and make the video in square format. This is perfect for you Instagram feed.


This is an introduction to the Otto and Pixel brand. This presentation is made with the “Page” template. The page can be shared on social media, on websites and as direct links. The pages are very useful for promoting products and events. I use the page template in my on my Instagram.


celebrate the joy of expecting

Pre-made social media kits

I also use pre-made branding kits from Creative Market. You can customize the templates with your brand colors and fonts. Many creative business branding kits come with instructions and manuals which makes them easy to work with if you are a beginner with Adobe Photoshop. Be sure to check the social media templates are suitable for the program you use. There are templates compatible with Canva and other programs too. Here are my favorites Creative Market!


Powered by Creative Market


Powered by Creative Market


Powered by Creative Market


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Enjoy branding your creative business

You are now equipped to take your creative business to new heights. Remember, you don’t have to invent the wheel. Be kind to yourself and out-source things you don’t need to do from scratch. With the right tools and knowledge, it will be much easier to have a coherent creative business branding experience. You don’t even have to pay for it if you go for Adobe Spark.

Learning how to stay productive and focused is very important running online businesses. If you want to learn more about creating mockups for your business, you can learn more here. Using mockups that complements your brand and brand message is very important. Let me know how things go! Love to hear how you brand your creative business, do you have more tips? Please share in the comment section below!


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