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Computer crash and mindfulMESS

Well, now I have tested techno-stress for real. My beloved computer just died on me yesterday. Not fun at all – I was a mindfulMESS! I really hope it can be saved. I just wanted to post something I learned from the horrible experience. Clouds are a great thing! OMG, I could have lost all my files along with my master´s thesis, graphic designs, photos… almost my life (I know I am pushing it now). So use them! Promise me! My husband had to come to my rescue as I had a real mental meltdown. Otto did not help out at all. He just laid on his rug and wiggled his tail. Not much support there.

Just let go – exhale

So, I did put my quote wall art at test. It did work, a bit. I have lots of work to do as I am behind in my schedule. That´s life – Just let go – or what did the wise woman just say? Watch me stare at the wall.

By the way, we opened a Pinterest account! You will find pins about Scandinavian design, wall art, interior design and colors to die for. I will always pin inspirational feel good things I find surfing the net. Otto will pin dog related interior stuff.





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