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Cards on my mind

I been hooked on cards lately. I just can not help or stop myself! I love making them. Often the cards in my shop are made for a friend or relative in need, but lately they stated pouring out of my fingers by themselves. I just have to tell you that I am working on a set of cute, yes you heard me right, CUTE cards. I want to make a set with gift tags, a poster and printable greeting cards. I also want to make a wine label with attitude. I hope I make it in time for Xmas… 😀

I also started to update my pics a bit. No wonder my store looks like I am totally confused! But, I think it will get a more relaxed feeling like this. I wanted a more flowers (as I love them), so I went for it. I hope you like flowers too. I know it would be best to go with snowflakes and reindeer, but as usual I just do not feel like it at the moment. Oh, now I better get reading again. I have to make up for the lazy weekend!

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