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Bullying and exclusion

This month I’m focusing on bullying and exclusion which I think is a very important topic for all parents and kids to learn more about. I made a call on social media a few days ago searching for people wanting to share their experiences and thoughts about bullying. Thank you all for sharing, I was so moved by your willingness to share your emotional and personal stories with me. I know a short blog post cant grasp the complexity of this matter. I want to share a very emotional short movie about bullying called “Reality”. This movie says more than my words ever can. By talking about bullying and the hard topics of life, we can make a change. The movie is 10 minutes long. It is heart-breaking as well as informative, what do you think? It is time for change.

One thing that became clear to me after I read your stories was the importance of cyberbully awareness. This is not featured in the short-movie. It’s important to be aware of cyberbullying and the devastating effects it can have on kids and teens (and of course adults). Bullying does not only take place in school anymore, but also at home trough smartphones and computers. Kids have no safe-haven anymore. This is a wonderful information sheet about cyberbully for parents (thank you Shiela!) made by Childnet International. Here you can find good advice on the topic:

I hope we can make a change, get well informed and stop bullying. No-one should have to go through such hard experiences. As parents we have to keep out eyes and ears open. One thing we can do is to make sure our kids know they always have a safe-haven – you. Let them know they are not alone, and that they can talk to you about bullying and other hard topics.

I was so ashamed. I didn’t want my parents to know I was a failure. I just wanted them to be proud of me. I never told anyone about how I felt. It´s now, when I am an adult and mother myself I know I was never a failure. It was the system that failed me. I had my dog Sully, I hugged her. She was the world to me, my life-line. (Tanya)

What did you think about “Reality”? Do you have any tips or good information that could help another parent or child, please share.




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