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How to handle physical symptoms of stress: A Survival Guide

How to handle physical symptoms of stress a survival guide

Have you learned to recognize physical symptoms of stress? To manage stress is key to a successful creative business – without stamina, energy, and motivation you are on thin ice. In this post. I will highlight 10 common physical symptoms associated with stress. I bring you hands-on tips how to soothe them, so you have the energy you need to run a healthy creative business.

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Relax, it is just Christmas!

Christmas related stress and how to cope with it by Wallifyer

As we are getting closer and closer to Christmas we tend to get more and more worked up. This post is about ways to handle Christmas stress (and stress in general). Let me share some tips about setting realistic goals and keeping your Holiday stress levels down. As a momtrepreneur, it’s important to save as much energy as possible. The Holidays is the most stressful time of the year as a business owner. Continue reading Relax, it is just Christmas!

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Time for Xmas cards

printable Christmas cards with woodland illustrations by Wallifyer

Printable Christmas cards to your rescue

Now it is time to send your friends and family Xmas cards! I know how stressful Christmas time can be on a momtrepreneur! As for me, working full-time, being a mom of two little boys, and running my graphics shop I just have noooo time left for making Christmas cards. In this post, I share a Xmas card download to make life easier on you. Maybe my clipart set can ease your creative process as well? Continue reading Time for Xmas cards

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The big hooray clipart bundle and freebie birthday card for busy moms

I am so excited to share my new clipart bundle with you! I worked really hard to create a super cute and versatile set. This is the perfect clipart set for creating birthday cards, digital scrapbooking, nursery prints and much more! You get a free printable birthday card as well! Continue reading Hooray!

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New freebie

Testimonials Wallifyer printables

I thought it was about time to add a new freebie to the VIP Lounge selection! The summer has been kind of intense, but now I am slowly getting back on track again. This time you get a pink version of the mint flamingo set you find in my shop. I hope you love it as much as I do. We all need lots sparkles in our lives!

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Join the VIP Club!

Printable word art for wall download freebie

Welcome to my VIP club! By signing up for a membership you get my newsletter filled with inspiration, offers and updates on the latest news (app. once a month). You also get access to the VIP lounge. In the VIP Lounge I upload exclusive freebies and other fun stuff. All you have to do is signing up by clicking “sign up”! You can unsubscribe at any time and it is totally free.


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Self-esteem boosting printables


In my shop, you find instant download art that supports self-esteem and promotes self-love. I had my share of challenges in life and that is why this is so important to me. I usually don´t talk about my inner struggles. I know art can´t fix what is broken, but it can help you heal and keep your thoughts on the right track. Thoughts are powerful, they are real game-changers.


quote wall art
Click here!



When I was diagnosed with epilepsy I knew my life was never going to be the same again. Not because of my epilepsy, but because of how people responded to me and my illness. People did not think I was capable of performing as well as others because I needed a service dog. I started to feel low because these reactions were out of my reach – I could not change the mindset of others (or at least I thought so at first). But when I started to change my focus and stopped mimicking/mirroring what others thought of me things changed.

Wallifyer printables feel good blog post

When I stopped to care about what people thought about my capability, their mindset changed too. It took time, but now I know how powerful thoughts are. I surround myself with positive affirmations and reminders and my prints are a product of that. My art brings good vibes and love.  I hope I can spread good thoughts, boost self-esteem and self-love with my art. As I have two sons I want to teach them the importance of never giving up and keep a positive mind. My kid’s art is all about love, compassion, and joy.




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Yeay! Buy 3 and get 30 % off!

30% OFF

Woohoo! I love discounts and coupon codes! If you buy more than 3 printables (or min. 15 EUR purchase) you get 30% off! Use the coupon code “LOVEART” at checkout. I started to put together art bundles which make it super-easy for you to match your artworks and get a coherent look. I will upload bundles frequently.

Take a look at these cute Royalties! They are perfect for any Scandinavian styled baby room! If you are all into monochromes, keep calm. I will list a monochrome bundle too. Keep your eyes open! Enjoy!

multipiece nursery wall decor
My new selection of cute pastel Royalties for your baby room. Click to get to the listing!

I love (and get mega-happy) if you tag me @wallifyer on Instagram with a pic of your newly styled room!


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Spring and summer collection 2017 launched

I have launched my spring and summer printable poster collection! I will be uploading designs all month! The colors are trending pinks, yellows, greens and blues. Of course you get monochromes as well, they are a must-have in any Nordic print collection. You will meet tropical birds, whales, fern, leafs, letter art, quotes and sea animals. I hope you will enjoy my collection! Stay tuned and be sure to visit my store to check for the latest updates! Follow my Facebook for the latest updates!

baby room wall art
Click on the picture to get to my SS17 collection!


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Try printables!

Well as I know it can be a bit nervous buying your first printable (it was for me at least!) I have decided to launch a introductory sale for a limited time. This means you get access to all my designs (not the custom or the print shop) for only 1,50 EUR. The best thing about printables is that it´s affordable and environmentally friendly too. As I send you your artwork digitally no transport is needed. Clean air, a neat home and no waiting! As your prints are budget friendly you can redecorate more often. You can stay modern, chic and seasonal. You are also able to choose your own paper quality, you are in charge. If you have no printer, of course, I can print it for you or you can let your local print shop do it for you.

Click to go to store!

Click here for a short introduction on printables!

Go and get creative! If you have any questions you can always contact me.




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Baby art loaded with spring pastels

I been working hard on making new pastel baby art for nurseries. Baby art is so fun to do, I can´t stop! Pastels are suitable for the spring and summer season and will make a great addition to your Scandinavian wall art. Polka-dot and geometric patterns have been my source of inspiration for this round. I draw the illustrations by hand and then I alter them in Photoshop and/or Illustrator. I post “behind the scenes” videos on regular basis on my Instagram account, be sure to follow me there. Click on the post below to watch me drawing the outlines for my polar bear design! I’m not a fan of super clean vector lines, therefor I love drawing my designs by hand. I love the kinks, imperfections and irregularities in a drawing. It´s more appealing to the eye, what do you think? It’s more interesting to look at something you can see was made my a human hand. But, maybe that´s just me! 🙂 Later I alter the designs and make them a digital file.

You can match the designs and they are all unisex (yes girls can have blue art and boys pink!). Here is an example of how the art works side by side on a white wall.


I hope you love the designs as much as I do. Do you have any suggestions, needs or ideas on designs I love the hear!