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Birthday cards on the go

I know too well the feeling when you realize you forgot to buy a birthday card. You stand there in the hallway on your way to your friend and… doooh! No card to follow your gift. Well, I have made you a quick solution – printable birthday cards. I am working on doing some more, this is just the beginning.

The files are easy to print as the template is made in US Letter and A4 size. The colors are optimized to work well on home printers as well. You can print as many as you like and need. Keep it in your files on your computer (you can always find them in your Etsy account) and you will never run out of cards.

Now it is time for me to start writing on my thesis again. See you soon. I hope you like my cards.

Do you have any suggestions on cards or templates you might need. Please let me know.


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