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Baby art loaded with spring pastels

I been working hard on making new pastel baby art for nurseries. Baby art is so fun to do, I can´t stop! Pastels are suitable for the spring and summer season and will make a great addition to your Scandinavian wall art. Polka-dot and geometric patterns have been my source of inspiration for this round. I draw the illustrations by hand and then I alter them in Photoshop and/or Illustrator. I post “behind the scenes” videos on regular basis on my Instagram account, be sure to follow me there. Click on the post below to watch me drawing the outlines for my polar bear design! I’m not a fan of super clean vector lines, therefor I love drawing my designs by hand. I love the kinks, imperfections and irregularities in a drawing. It´s more appealing to the eye, what do you think? It’s more interesting to look at something you can see was made my a human hand. But, maybe that´s just me! 🙂 Later I alter the designs and make them a digital file.

You can match the designs and they are all unisex (yes girls can have blue art and boys pink!). Here is an example of how the art works side by side on a white wall.


I hope you love the designs as much as I do. Do you have any suggestions, needs or ideas on designs I love the hear!



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