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How you helped Wallifyer become a reality
Digital scrapbook supplies
Designer Sandra Törnroth

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our whimsical clip art and digital patterns, knows they are getting unique illustrations worthy the pickiest crafter in the world.

Sandra Törnroth, CEO

Before I created Wallifyer, I bought so many digital scrapbooking downloads that seemed to be designed in haste without finesse and love of the craft — finding digital papers that as optimized for card making was a real challenge.  Often the patterns were too large or too small to fit the cards.

Then one day, after endlessly scrolling the internet in search of the perfect whimsical clipart pack for my son’s birthday party invitations, I got frustrated. I picked up my pencils and brushes and started drawing my scrapbook graphics. That day I vowed to create the cutest and most adorable whimsical clip art graphics ever seen.

As an illustrator, I knew the importance of quality, detail and uniqness. I was concerned that the price point from using the best software and materials available on the market might turn customers away. 

But then…

Fellow crafters and business owners asked me to create unique clipart bundles for them; I realized I was on the right path after all. Making clip art from hand-drawn ink drawings, with the care and love illustrations deserve, was what others needed and longed for too. I wanted to pass the joy of making cards at home forward. 

I gathered all my art materials, bought the best scanner I could find and afford, upgraded my computer and took a deep breath. I set out to create the most spellbinding whimsical graphics for the pickiest crafters in the world.

It turns out…

A considerable hurdle I had to cross was learning all the scary tech skills needed to create top-of-the-line clip art downloads.

As an illustrator, I had only worked with pen and paper. I took no shortcuts and entered every class in digital drawing and illustration I could find. I worked hard for over two years perfecting the skill. I even made the scariest decision ever; I quit my day job as a banker to peruse this dream.

I was frightened to the core…

would my dedication and efforts be in vain? I had put so much on the line. I halted the opening of my shop for six months because of my inner struggles and fear of failure.

Through it all, I released my first collection, and the response was pure love from everyone who saw or used my products. Now I find great joy selling my card making supplies online and looking forward to what the future brings. 

The best part yet?

Now I know you can create your cute whimsical designs with the quality and detail your projects deserves. No more generic clipart without uniqueness and charm. Just pure cuteness and that touch of magic we all need in our crafty lives.

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