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This is the place where you find cute clipart and quirky surface design made by my doodling hands! Take your digital projects to the next level with the help of a little whimsical twist! On my site, you find fun projects and digital crafting tips and tricks. I love sharing my designing secrets with you.

Let my digital illustrations help you stand out from the crowd!

Hello this is me, Sandra at Wallifyer

I’m an illustrator, fine artist and art historian from a little island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. I love all things that are cute and cuddly.

When my husband came along, two little boys soon entered our lives. I started to draw illustrations for my little kiddos, but my doodles ended up being a whole career. I strive to make the world a bit cuter illustration by illustration.

help me make the world a more cuddly, cute and fun place one design at a time.

I love drawing my illustrations by hand. I am old fashioned that way. I digitize my doodles, edit them and turn them into digital graphics. Sometimes I use my beloved birthday gift, my drawing tablet. Some designs are vectors, some not. My clipart is easy to use and I share tips on how to use them here on the blog. You do not need to be tech-savvy to create wonderful designs in no-time.

This is me (and my dog otto)!

Me and my dog OttoI am a self-taught illustrator who just can’t stop doodling and drawing. From a nervous, uncertain and inexperienced artist I now work as a professional illustrator featured in newspapers, advertisement, printed media and displayed on my kids’ room walls. Yes, even on my parents’ walls!

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