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A girl´s own space

A girls art project moodboard by Wallifyer printables

The best thing about running an Etsy shop is connecting with new friends (yes, printables come in second place). Many of my customers become friends over time. In this post, I want to show a beautiful girl´s room decorated with my printable art.

Unicorns, rainbows and a little girl´s dream

A mom of two adorable little girls sent me pics of her eldest daughter´s room makeover. I was struck by the excellent combination of furniture, colors and (of course haha) my designs. You’ll find girly florals, raspberry pinks, and cool blue hues.

“My 5-year-old will be starting school soon and I felt it was the right time for her bedroom to have a make over. I wanted her to be involved as much as possible so I was thrilled when she asked if she could help with painting the walls.”

Wallifyer printables Nordic style kids art downloads

“We had to do three coats to get a nice clean white and so her help was much-appreciated bunnies, unicorns, and rainbows so we had to have these! Lucky for us, we found exactly what we wanted on Wallifyer. One of our favorite shops on Etsy. We were so excited to see the outcome – it was definitely worth it!”

Girls room interior

I love the way they incorporated the rainbow painting made by her daughter as well. I think it supports self-esteem and makes kids involved in creating THEIR own space. The contrast between the floral bed linen and the blue prints make the room interesting and playful. Did you notice the unicorn on the bureau and the cute cloud garland? Small details make a huge difference to a room.

Try printables too

Do you want to give printables a go? To make it super-easy I made matching art sets that will look stunning together! I have several options, here´s the unicorn set. Click on the picture, and it´ll take you to all the listings!

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