Hippity hip hooray!

We all need to be celebrated and celebrate! Right? I have been celebrating many things lately. I have been busy working with an art history project (yes, I am an art historian too), entered a class about online marketing, and got a fun assignment as an illustrator for a museum. Phew, and on top of all that fun – I have the joy of being a part of your creative journey. Am I lucky or what!?

I hope my new knowledge will bring you even more fun. Hopefully, you will notice great changes here on the blog, on my Facebook, my digital products and e-letters. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed my brain will be able to process all the new information. Please let me know how I am doing 😀

I have not been rolling my artistic thumbs (even if I were a bit quiet). I have added a new birthday clipart collection perfect for scrapbooking. I am working on some matching patterns as well. I hope I get them uploaded soon!

Birthday Clipart Collection by Wallifyer Clipart 1

Go to the shop

The link above is an affiliate link (read more about affiliate links here). See you soon! Please let me know what you think of the new birthday clipart collection. What are you going to create with the cute animals? Share your designs in the Wallifyer Tribe!

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