Dog clipart collection by Wallifyer 4-min

Dogs are man’s best friend

This week I have been working on a new clipart set dedicated to dogs. I just love everything about them (ok, almost everything haha). Their fun personalities, their dedication, and affection. Dogs are truly man’s best friends.

I have a dog, Otto. He is really special – yes he truly is. He is not just my best friend, he is my guardian as well. No, he is not a watchdog but my epilepsy response dog. He never leaves my side and stays with me through thick and thin. He notifies me about 30 minutes before I have a seizure. I can go and rest and do not need to fall and hurt myself. He is really something special. He is a hero – for me he is. He makes it possible for me to peruse my dreams and be as “all you others”.

My clipart collection Dog friends is my tribute to Otto and I loved every minute designing it. I hope you love it too! I used ink pens and crayons to create a fun and playful style. They look amazing on cards, stickers and art posters! And yes, I am a fan and affiliate of Creative Market. The link to my set is an affiliate link, no worry it’s of no cost for you. Read more about affiliate links here.

Dog clipart collection by Wallifyer-min
Click on the picture to get your own dog clipart set!


As I love to spoil you, I made a treat to go with the dog clipart collection. Download your own minimalist seamless digital bone pattern, perfect to use with the set. Share your designs in the “Wallifyer tribe on Facebook” – the crafties are waiting to see your design! See you soon!

Cute free digital pattern by Wallifyer

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