Digital drawing on Android

I have always loved drawing on paper. That has always been my thing – pen on paper – always pen on paper. But after my first swing at digital drawing, I was hooked. I just could not stop drawing and experimenting. I have been painting on my Wacom tablet ever since (like Run, Forest, Run – you get it).

Digital drawing on tabs and phones

Well, about a year or two back I started to notice people drawing on their iPads. I wanted to do that too! Oh, that was my dream! But what I didn’t want was an iPad itself. I will not go into details, as I know people are very very dedicated and loyal to the Apple brand. Let’s just say I love home-built hipster computers and that I am an Android girl, we leave it at that. I never heard of an Android option, so I just thought I might to have to wait it out, and hope that Procreate was going to launch an Android version (yeah, I know, wishful thinking!).

Adobe Illustrator Draw and Adobe Sketch apps

I stumbled upon a class on Skillshare by Jing Wei on Skillshare (affiliate link). She teaches how to use Adobe Sketch and Draw in your workflow. And guess what, these apps are available on Android! I thought it was only possible to draw digital drawings on an iPad Pro. Oh, was I wrong!

I had these drawing gems hidden in my Adobe CC dashboard without knowing about them! Eureka!

I have been drawing on my Android tablet for about three months now and I am in love. It’s so freeing to be able to step away from the computer and just go outside to draw, sit in another room, relax on the sofa (watching Netflix) and still be able to draw (and work if I want to). Just like drawing on old-fashioned paper! If you don’t have a tablet you can also use your mobile! You can draw with your finger, but you get best results using a pressure sensitive stylus. I use my Samsung Tab 3 with an S-pen.

Draw on your tablet with Wallifyer Clipart
Click and go to my clipart set with the cute dog!

How to draw on your tablet

How does it work then? First of all, you need a tablet or mobile with a stylus. Adobe has two free apps for drawing – one for vectors (yes!) and one for raster drawings. You sync the apps with your Adobe account (you can open one for free) and are able to push your drawings directly to Illustrator or Photoshop for further editing, or save them in your CC cloud. Real magic, like sparkly rainbow magic for me.

If you love to learn how to draw on an Android device, go and try Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw. The apps are intuitive and easy to use. You can import all your brushes from your Adobe CC library into your tablet using Sketch and Draw. Magic. I also use the Infinite Painter app, which also is a super-cool app (more advanced and may be harder to use if you’re a beginner). If you want me to write more about the apps, just let me know. I love to share tips and tricks if you want to hear them.

If you’re not an Adobe fan, there are alternatives to Adobe apps as well: The 8 Best Android Drawing and Illustration Apps by Brad Colbow

Please, tell me what you think! Did you love it too?

And yes, I am a Creative Market and Skillshare affiliate. Read more about what affiliate links are here.

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