Beautiful DIY quote art inspiration for digital crafters by Wallifyer Blog

Being happy never goes out of style

Ahh! Look at this beautiful watercolor clipart by on Creative Market! With this clipart floral set it’s super-easy to create beautiful designs. This is my fav “Free Goods of the Week” this week. The colors are so pretty and you really don’t have to play around long before you get an interesting design. And yes, I am an affilite and fan of Creative Market. You can read more about affilite links here.

Being happy never goes out of style

-Lilly Pulitzer-




  • Open your editing software.
  • I added a few floral clipart elements and placed them in the lower left corner.
  • I made a square shape with the shape tool. Then I used the color picker tool and hovered it over the flower clipart elements to get the perfect color. This is a great way of getting mathing colors when using watercolor clipart.
  • I played around with the layers to get some movement in the design. Some flowers are placed on top of the square with the quote, some under.
  • Print your new DIY floral quote wall decor!

Watercolor floral clipart design by Wallifyer blogWhat did you create this week? Which one was your favorite of the freebies? Please share your design in the Wallifyer Tribe on Facebook. If you are not yet a member, sign up here (it’s for free!). Love to see what you came up with!

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