New winter clipart!

Yey! I just listed a new super-cute winter themed clipart collection in my shop! This must mean summer really is over.  Or what do you think?

This set was so fun to make, as I’m a retired (haha) figure skater myself. I created the elements from ink drawings which I scanned and edited in Adobe Illustrator. I imported them to Adobe Photoshop and digitally drew the watercolors.

I love the designing process, it’s really relaxing and meditative.

I tried to make this set as versatile as possible and added lots (yes!) of backgrounds. With backgrounds, it’s easy to design as you only need to add text (and an element or two). This winter clipart collection is perfect for creating scrapbook designs, greeting cards or art prints.

Little Figure Skater Clipart Collection by Wallifyer Clipart-min
Click to buy!

I hope you love my “Little Ice Skater” clipart collection! Soon I will add a pattern set to go with it too! Please let me know what you created with my set! Tag me on Instagram wit @wallifyer or drop a picture in the Wallifyer Tribe!

What are you up to? Please share your creative projects with us! I love to see what you are up to!



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