Inspirational quote art by Wallifyer Blog-min

Inspirational quote art

Wii! It’s time for Creative Market’s freebies of the week again! I decided to create a fun and easy inspirational quote poster for my studio with the adorable “Abstract Handcrafted Patterns” by Danila Pugachev and the font Moon Flower from the last project I shared here on the blog. If you like to take a peek, you can go and check it out here. And yes, I’m a Creative Market affiliate, learn more about what that means here.

Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks.
– Yo-Yo Ma –

Inspirational quote art by Wallifyer Blog-min

I love the fun fearless patterns by Danila Pugachev. The patterns are spontaneous and full of life – totally a dream to work with. If you just add a pattern and place a filled shape with a quote on top, you really don’t need more. Great design makes life easy.


HOW I CREATED THE DIY inspirational quote aRt:

  • Open your editing software.
  • Place your new digital pattern in a document suitable for printing (300 dpi). Use a pattern layer if you have that option in your editor, then resize and adjust the pattern.
  • Add a polygon shape with a matching color from the pattern.
  • Add a text layer with the free Moon Flower font with your desired quote.
  • Print your new DIY wall decor!

What do you think of the pattern collection and the inspirational quote art? Even more interesting, what did you create? Please show me your designs, I love to get inspiration, and I bet your fellow tribe members want it too! Share your designs in the Wallifyer Tribe on Facebook (If you’re not a member sign up here).

Now go and upload your designs! Can’t wait to see what you created!

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