DIY minimalist art print

Oh, I was so happy to find that the minimalist style font Claxton by MikeHill is available as Free Goods of the Week on Creative Market! I downloaded it right away as I love the minimalist vibe, and am a minimalist myself. Hmm.. all my friends would not agree on this, but I call myself a cozy Hygge minimalist. I love to surround myself with things and people I love. As fonts!

I’m almost a bit embarrassed by the total simplicity of this design, but I love it so much. I will post a pic in the Wallifyer Tribe when I framed it. This is truly a simple and easy design, but with lots of umpf.

Minimalist design

claxton typeface font by MikeHill on Creative Market

A minimalist design may at first seem “easy” and “simple”, but it’s actually very complicated to achieve. As you have very few elements to play with, the minimalist look is very delicate and hard to balance (yeah, I’m an art historian… I leave it at this).

One element that is often used in minimalist design is typography, that is designing with fonts. Finding the “right” minimalist font is essential for a great minimalist look. That is why I got so pumped up by Claxton! Claxton font is just perfect for minimalist typography! I love how it is clean but yet interesting with the different spacings and negative space. I will not get into difficult typography definitions, I promise. So just relax and enjoy some relaxing and joyful minimalist digital crafting with ease!

You need this:

  • Claxton font (light) – Download it here (note it is just free for a week)
  • Editing program of your choice


  • Open your editing software.
  • Download the font and install it in your editor.
  • Add a centered text with your quote and adjust the size to your liking
  • Center the text with alignment tools in your editor
  • Print your new DIY wall decor!

Create your own minimalist wall art print with Wallifyer Clipart blog-min

How did it go? Please share your design with the Claxton font in the Wallifyer Tribe! If you need any help, drop a comment section below. You can also ask friends in the Tribe or send me a message here! Oh, yes I use affiliate links to Creative Market on my blog. I am such a great fan of the site. Find out more about this here.

See you soon!

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