Bird pattern collection by Wallifyer 1

Bird pattern collection

Tweet tweet! A little birdie just sang a song about cute patterns. Did you hear it? Well, yesterday I uploaded an adorable pack of digital papers perfect for digital crafters, like you and me!

The set is perfect for creating doodle style greeting cards and as surface design for textiles. Of course, I added digital papers ready to be printed if you love paper crafts.

Bird pattern collection by Wallifyer-min
Click to get your bird patterns!

The digital patterns are made by my doodling hands and you find the elements in the my “Birds and Feathers clipart collection“. The birds have golden crowns which give them a cute whimsical look. The digital papers are very versatile and can be used as gift wrapping, cards, as backdrops, on textiles, as elements in art prints and much more. I bet you can create something totally adorable with them! Let’s see what you came up with!

The patterns are easy to combine with frames and doodle elements from the freebie Wallifyer Starter-pack! This is how I created a beautiful and fun card design under 10 minutes!

27 Card Mockup - by Gabriela Dantur-min



  • Open your editing software.
  • Open a new document with the desired size of the card. Make sure you set the document to 300 dpi.
  • Add the pattern to the background. This is done differently depending on your editing program. If you use Photoshop double tap on the PAT files in your folder with bird patterns. Go to the “paint bucket” tool and change to pattern fill. You find the pattern in the swatches! Make a pattern layer in the “layers panel” and choose “layer fill”. Click on the feather pattern and voila your card turned feathery!
  • Add the frame from the “Wallifyer Starter Pack“. Use the center tool if you have one or just go with the flow.
  • Add a centered text with the Moon Flower front on top of the frame clipart.
  • Adjust the elements to your liking.
  • Print your new DIY birthday card!

Easy diy card by Wallifyer blog-min

Please let me know how things go! I love to see your design! If you need help please let me know by asking in the comment section below, send me a message here, or ask friends in the Wallifyer Tribe! In this post I’m using affiliate links, you can find out more about what that is here.

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