DIY wall decor

I guess you made room in your computer for my huge freebie clipart “Starter-pack” and are ready to create an easy DIY wall decor? If you have not downloaded it yet, join my tribe here! I know the file is large, but I want you to get a solid foundation to build your doodley empire on.

Fire up your digital crafting editor and create a cute gift for your mini, friend or colleague!

This DIY wall decor design is super easy to create and perfect for kids rooms, as a house-warming gift or modern kitchen art. You find the doodle frame in the Wallifyer Starter-pack and the font is free to download! This design takes just minutes to complete!

You need this:


  • Open your editing software.
  • Paste the doodle frame in a new white document suitable for printing (300 dpi). Use the center tool if you have one or just go with the flow.
  • Add a centered text with your quote on top of the frame clipart.
  • Adjust the elements to your liking.
  • Print your new DIY wall decor!

Let me know how things go! Please share your DIY wall decor in the Wallifyer Tribe, we love to see your design! I bet you have put your own twist to things, right!? If you need any help, drop a comment section below,: You can also ask friends in the Tribe or send me a message here! Oh, yes I use some affiliate marketing on this page. Find out more here.

See you soon!

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