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There is nothing as fun as rebranding! It’s refreshing and brings me lots of new energy. I hope you will love the new look of my site, shops and social. I just refreshed the Wallifyer tribe too!

If you have not joined, what are you waiting for? We’re all waiting for you!

Join the Wallifyer Tribe on Facebook
Click and join the tribe!

The Wallifyer tribe on Facebook is a place where we share our cute designs, tips and tricks, help and support how to use my sets (and others too), share wonderful freebies, chat and have a good time. I guess you’ll hear a bit about my minimalist journey (oh, yes I am a declutter maniac). I guess my son Gunnar will join in too as he is very interested in what mom is doing by the computer all the time.

So, enjoy my new “look” – I hope you love it as much as I do. I will turn off the crazy landing page as soon as I written a couple of posts as it will look crazy otherwise. You know, it’s a magazine layout and those don’t look nice with 1 or 2 posts 😀

As the Wallifyer Tribe is tiny and small (at the moment). As a tribe member, you get the doodle starter-pack and a link to the Tribe.

Now I will go and have my coffee and create previews for my upcoming bird pattern collection.

See you in the Wallifyer Tribe!

Welcome to Wallifyer blog a place where creative momtrepreneurs learn the importance of self-care and stress management to ensure a thriving creative online business-min


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