Freebie starter pack Wallifyer clipart

Amazing clipart freebie!

Well, I was sitting in an important biz meeting with myself this morning (this is something I often do – I am still a corporate girl even if I left that world a long time ago). The main topic on the agenda was what kind of freebie you would totally love to receive. I sipped my coffee and agreed that a starter-pack must be fun to receive. It’s hard to pull off the doodle style without a set of basic doodle elements. I remembered I had a lovely and huge set I have not uploaded to Creative Market yet. The set includes cute frames, doodle quotes, basic speech-bubbles and fun frogs! And an adorable airplane with eye-lashes. We all need those, don’t we?

I took a decision to add a whole collection as my tribe-member freebie.

The freebie tribe starter-pack includes 100 PNG-files. This is everything you need to create doodle style designs. I know the doodle style can be hard to pull off with a limited number of doodle elements.

You can’t really pull it off with just one or two doodles. So this pack is my starter-pack and it is all for you. It is very doodly and swirly, and it matches perfectly with my “Bird and Feathers Clipart Collection” as well as my “Cat Clipart Collection“.

Ah, yes I use affiliate links to Creative Market – you can read all about what affiliate link is in my disclosure. This is my little tiny reward for sharing my tips, resources, and hints about wonderful free graphics that are lurking on the web! Now, go and join the tribe and download your own cute starter-pack! Click on the picture and it will refer you to the sign-up page.

Freebie starter pack Wallifyer clipart
Click to join the tribe and get your starter-pack!


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