printable cat art print for kids rooms by Wallifyer 2-min

Welcome crafty-friend!

A warm welcome to my new blog! As I wanted to make create a crafty and fun site I had to remake it from scratch! I just needed a fresh start, you know how it is sometimes, right?

On this blog, I will share tips and tricks on how to create wonderful designs with ease. I take you behind-the-scenes and let you in on the creative process of making digital resources and illustrations. I hope you get inspired to create your own designs too. I will also let you in on how it is to live on a tiny island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, and trying to be an illustrator, mom, and wife at the same time. Not an easy combo, that is for sure.

As a little opening gift, I decided to share my “Weekend Travel” clipart collection for free.

You get 100 clipart and you will join my little tribe of creative friends. Join the tribe and download your starter-pack by clicking on the picture below.

Freebie starter pack Wallifyer clipart
Click to join the tribe and get your new clipart!


I hope you will enjoy your stay here with me, my dog, kiddos and quirky illustrations. I love to know you! Please say hello and share the designs you created with the “Weekend Travel” clipart collection in the comments! You can always tag me #wallifyer in Insta!

Welcome to Wallifyer blog a place where creative momtrepreneurs learn the importance of self-care and stress management to ensure a thriving creative online business

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