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Self-esteem boosting printables

Wallifyer printables Nordic download art for Scandinavian homes
Self-esteem printables made for Nordic styled homes.

In my shop you find instant download art that support self-esteem and promotes self-love. I had my share of challenges in life and that is why this is so important to me. I usually don´t talk about my inner struggles. I know art can´t fix what is broken, but it can help you heal and keep your thoughts on the right track. Thoughts are powerful, they are real game-changers.

When I was diagnosed with epilepsy I knew my life was never going to be the same again. Not because of my epilepsy, but because how people responded to me and my illness. People did not think I was capable of performing as well as others because I needed a service dog. I started to feel low, because these reactions were out of my reach – I could not change the mind-set of others (or at least I thought so at first). But when I started to change my focus and stopped mimicking/mirroring what others thought of me things changed.

When I stopped to care about what people thought about my capability, their mind-set changed too. It took time, but now I know how powerful thoughts are. I surround myself with positive affirmations and reminders and my prints are a product of that. My art brings good vibes and love.  I hope I can spread good thoughts, boost self-esteem and self-love with my art. As I have two sons I want to teach them the importance of never giving up and keep a positive mind. My kid’s art is all about love, compassion and joy.

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Have you met challenges that you overcame by positive affirmations and a positive mind-set? I love to hear your story! Wallifyer is all about sharing and caring.





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